Welcome to Tigress Graphics, the art and craft portfolio of Cassie 'Shalie' Setzer (previously Wilson). Here you will find a collection of her work from illustrations, comic work, projects like plush (stuffed animal) designs, and even other fun topics like video game concepts and story boarding.
- About -

Hi, I'm Cassie, an exceptionally friendly self taught artist and plush designer with over a decade of experience in illustration and digital work, and had crafted custom stuffed animals for people for over 10 years. I love fantasy and imaginary worlds that encourage adventure and wonder, but try to never limit myself in the work I do.

I currently live in Southern California with my husband and have art and story writing as my full time job. When I am not home I am either traveling around to various conventions and meeting new and awesome people, or spending time playing games with friends and family (we play a lot of Magic the Gathering.) I like video games, animals (cats taking top rank,) cooking and gardening. Often times you'll catch me talking about the many hobbies I have; like wood working, Minecraft and recently I have picked up spinning wool (I like crochet.) I am also known by a few different names online, Shalie being the main one, but you may find me around at TypoTigress or Koozma(Kooz) in different circles.

I try to keep active in my art, and for a while did weekly art streams so people can watch and it's a lot of fun! But since the pandemic a lot of things in my life changed, art took a back burner for a long while and I'm slowly getting back to my passions. I am also almost always open to take commission work, so feel free to inquire, I would appcreate it. Thanks and take care!


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