Novel: The Forgotten Hollows of Jordaré (part 1)


Two years ago the Jordaré Sister Villages were paid a visit by a traveler that looked like he had seen better days, a quiet man of the Falorn race simply known as Cole. All Cole wanted was peace, some place he and his horse could rest at so to be on their way again within a day or so - But it seemed life would have its way with him and here in the Jordaré Forest he remained to live among the quirky farmers and villagers as another hired hand.

Now, after trying to accept this peaceful and honest life, Cole is faced with trials after a series of events rock their little world, revisiting memories and situations he had long tried to forget as he slowly comes to terms with his ghosts and who he is, then and now.

This is my first true attempt at writing a novel, a great deal has been going into the creation of the world, almost a bit too much. It has been a great exercise for the craft, and I look forward to the day when it is completed. It is far from perfect in its current state, but I am still enjoying myself as I write and learning more as I go along, of both my characters, myself and the craft of writing.

Start Date: April 2016
End Date: (ONGOING)

Webcomic: Journals of the Stone-faced Detective
(website pending)

Alternative history 1885, the industrial age has excelled with the rise of Technocracy Guilds, being both organizations and universities that focus on advancements in tech, sciences and government. Since the completion of Artaxerxes in 1877, New London, Connecticut has quickly grown into a bustling city of trade and commerce.

James Wakefield is a Tier 2 Engineer of the Engineer's Tower, specializing in steam engines and other mechanics; but when he isn't drafting blueprints or grinding metal down, he is lime-lighting as a detective of the odd and puzzling cases most law enforcement wouldn't bother with, and leaving quite a name for himself in both fields. He is a man that most would say has everything going for him. Except for the condition that prevents him from both seeing and hearing emotions from those around him, thus leaving him as a man some deem "without personality."

Project is expected to go on for some many years with a goal of one book (consisting of a case and story related themes) a year, with possible side stories in either simplified art style or written.
There currently isn't a an offical website or page to see the pages, but Patrons will have a chance to see pages early and for review.

Start Date: Febuary 2018
End Date: (ONGOING)

Novel: The Hauntings of Garenger Manor


It's 1972, Jonathan Pine is a Paranormal Forensics & Occult Investigator (or at least that is what he calls himself,) who has traveled from sunny California to a rural town of Barron Sways, Wyoming to investigate a house that appears to have more history than the county records show. He has only about a week to solve the mysterious occurrences happening at the house, and very quickly Jonathan starts to find that not only are there ghosts here, but that they break all rules.

Originally started for NaNoWriMo 2017, I decided to delve into a theme I don't normally touch, and it has been a great deal of fun with lots of positive feedback.

Start Date: November 2017
End Date: April 1018 (PROJECTED)